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With nearly three decades of experience, IP Business Law, Inc. specializes in trademark and copyright applications. Our firm provides a wide range of services regarding matters relating to intellectual property, including filing, searching for availability, conflict resolution, and maintenance. Whether you are part of a newer company that is seeking its first trademark application or a more established company that needs its trademark portfolios reviewed, we are fully prepared to offer you exceptional assistance. Reach out today to learn more.

A Proud History

Over the years, our firm has managed and created worldwide copyright and trademark plans for companies with thousands of copyrights and marks. We work with an international network of qualified counsel so that we can protect trademarks and copyrights across the world. All trademark applications and registrations are monitored on our state-of-the-art trademark software system.

We also have extensive experience in cost-effective anti-counterfeiting programs in the U.S. and throughout the world. Our emphasis is on minimizing costly civil litigation through the use of cease and desist letters and criminal enforcement of trademark rights. We can determine which infringements to pursue, how to pursue them, how to investigate them and how to resolve them.

Our intellectual property work has encompassed large companies such as Guess, Gymboree, Dooney & Bourke and Microsoft, and young companies in their early growth stages.

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If you need assistance with a trademark matter, IP Business Law, Inc. is ready to help you. We will listen carefully to your unique goals and work hard help you achieve them. With nearly thirty years of trademark and business law experience, we are fully prepared to address your specific trademark needs. Reach out today to learn more.

IP Business Law, Inc. helps Torrance clients successfully achieve their trademark goals. Schedule a free consultation with a dedicated business law attorney today by calling (310) 377-5171.

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